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Wills and Estates Lawyers Parramatta

If you’re looking for the best Wills and Estate Lawyers in Parramatta, look no further!

Here at Falzon Legal, we specialise in assisting individuals, couples and families with Wills and Estate planning.

Organising Wills and Estates matters can be exceptionally challenging, legally complex, and emotionally charged. At Falzon Legal, our compassionate and professional team brings complete understanding, peace of mind, and specialist expertise to planning your post-life finances and assets.

From making a will, enduring guardianship, and power of attorney, through to testamentary trusts and advance care plans — we empathetically lead you through the complete process. Listening to your needs, plans, and concerns — Falzon Legal is your caring Wills and Estates lawyer.

Falzon Legal — Your Complete Wills Solicitors

Creating an effective and benevolent estate plan to communicate your post-life wishes can mean much more than simply writing a will.

A diligent and effective will lawyer should explore with you not only your current financial and personal situation — but also contemplate what may happen in the future if your asset, cognitive, or health circumstances change.

At Falzon legal, we considerately and respectfully navigate you through your various options and considerations — giving you the reassurance of an estate plan that meets your requirements and brings comforting peace of mind.

Falzon Legal Paul Falzon Solicitor
Falzon Legal Paul Falzon Solicitor

Falzon Legal — Your Complete Wills Solicitors

Creating an effective and benevolent estate plan to communicate your post-life wishes can mean much more than simply writing a will.

A diligent and effective will lawyer should explore with you not only your current financial and personal situation — but also contemplate what may happen in the future if your asset, cognitive, or health circumstances change.

At Falzon legal, we considerately and respectfully navigate you through your various options and considerations — giving you the reassurance of an estate plan that meets your requirements and brings comforting peace of mind.

Making a Last Will and Testament

A sound and valid will establishes who benefits from your estate in the event of your death, details your funeral arrangement wishes, and can also appoint guardians for minors. Furthermore, it outlines who is responsible for carrying out your wishes — known as the Executor of Will.

Even the seemingly most straightforward affairs can require expert attention to detail to prevent future contestation — something not usually addressed with do-it-yourself documents. 

And, while other law firms may provide wills that cover just a couple of pages, our emphasis on meticulousness means our documents are typically six or seven pages long — ensuring that when the time occurs, your intentions are flawlessly fulfilled.

Testamentary Trust

Incorporated as a component in many wills, a Testamentary Trust holds, manages, and distributes assets to the beneficiaries named in the will — at the discretion of the trustees.

This worthwhile consideration can provide numerous benefits — including advantageous tax positions, enhanced asset protection, and preventing irresponsible use of cash and investments by beneficiaries.

Creating a robust Testamentary Trust is a complex and specialised area of Inheritance Law — allow Falzon Legal to deliver a comprehensive plan that meets your requirements.

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Power of Attorney

Life circumstances may make it difficult, or indeed impossible, to competently conduct your financial and legal affairs, such as paying your bills, managing investments, or running your bank accounts. Power of Attorney appoints a trusted and conscientious relative, friend, or colleague to look after these matters on your behalf.

Your power of attorney can be for a single transaction or time-limited — for example, when travelling overseas or recovering from a serious injury or illness. Or, it can be indefinite — known as enduring power — for circumstances where you’re permanently incapacitated, such as experiencing degenerative mental capacity.

At Falzon Legal, we will sympathetically guide you through your options and best practice through what can be an emotionally taxing consideration.

Enduring Guardianship

Estate and wills planning is more than just the stark and cold reality of cash, assets, and investments — it’s about your well-being.

Enduring Guardianship enables a legally appointed responsible person to make crucial lifestyle and healthcare decisions on your behalf.

We understand that this can be a poignant and sometimes distressing contemplation. At Falzon Legal, our thoughtful and supportive approach permits us to lead you gently through this challenging scenario.

Typically, your Enduring Guardian can determine where you reside and the health and dental treatment you receive — including discussing your personal well-being situation with professionals. They cannot make decisions on your financial matters, who you marry, or change your will.

Advance Medical Directives (Advance Care Plan)

An Advance Care Directive indicates your wishes regarding healthcare if you’re unable to communicate your desires — whether due to illness, injury, or incapacitation. It explains both to relatives and medical professionals your intentions — and cannot be overruled.

Tailored sensitively to your requirements by Falzon Legal, it typically provides comfort to loved ones, knowing that they are carrying out your exact wishes — whether preferred health outcomes, palliative care choices, or any treatment you intend to refuse.

We will gently guide you through the whole process — explaining your options, factors to take into consideration, and the outcomes of your decisions. Furthermore, we can assist with emotional support services for you and your dependents.

Probate of Will

Wills and Probate are inextricably linked — the process involves a court recognising the legal validity of a person’s will, and permits the executor to fulfil the will’s instructions. Probate may be required where a deceased person was a sole bank account or property owner — and/or the value of their assets is above a certain value.

Falzon Legal, as a conscientious probate solicitor, will sympathetically assist and counsel the declared executor in applying for probate. As executors can often be friends or loved ones of the deceased, we know that this can be an emotionally tough time. Our patient, clear, and specialist support will make the system as comfortable as possible.

Bear in mind, the probate application system varies across Australia’s states and territories. It’s therefore highly advisable you take expert advice before commencing the process.

Informal Wills

A person who has passed on may have made a will that explains their post-life wishes, but doesn’t meet the legal requirements set out in law — known as an Informal Will. For example, where a will has been prepared but not signed or has been handwritten and remains unwitnessed.

This means a self-determined executor of estate, or one named in the informal will, must apply for probate for it to be declared valid. This can be challenging, as the court must satisfy itself of the clear intentions of the departed, and that the will was indeed intended to be the deceased’s Last Will and Testament.

As specialised Wills and Probate lawyers, Falzon Legal will aid you in the granting of probate to authorise the document — supporting you at all times through what can be a stressful and lengthy process.

Letters of Administration

If a person passes on without a will (dies intestate) or the executors are incapable of fulfilling their role — for example, they have also died — you can apply for Letters of Administration.

This grants permission for you to distribute the deceased assets as a proxy executor. It’s usually only conferred upon those who are entitled to a share, or all, of the estate — typically the next of kin.

However, this rather cold, yet necessary, legal process occurs at a time of great sadness, distress, and loss — and can involve convoluted issues that take time to resolve. Falzon Legal provides a reassuringly understanding — yet relentlessly professional — pathway through this system.

NCAT Guardianship

Both Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship are vital considerations to ensure an individual’s well-being — when they are unable to look after themselves or their interests. However, if such declarations aren’t in place by the time the person requires assistance — an application to NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) is needed.

This request can be made by any person with a real and present concern for the decision-making ability of a third party. The tribunal has the power to appoint a provably suitable person to act as guardian or financial manager of the impaired.

Legally complex and often emotionally exhausting, Falzon Legal can ease the strain by navigating you carefully and considerately through the preparation of evidence and submission of documents.

Falzon Legal — Our Commitment to You

With our unique approach to end-of-life legal matters — Falzon Legal is considered among the best Wills and Estates lawyers in Sydney.

We understand that dealing with necessary post-life affairs can be stressful and emotionally wrenching for all parties involved. It’s our mission to professionally advise, formulate, and counsel — yet never lose the human touch.

Located within the heart of Parramatta, our experienced team can meet you at our offices, online, in your home, or place of your choosing — such as a hospital, hospice, or residential care home. Wherever is most convenient and comfortable.

This is our singular commitment to you — to deliver the pinnacle of Wills and Estate advice supported by understanding, warmth, and compassion.

Wills and Estates – Locations We Service

As Wills and Estate Lawyers in Parramatta, we are ideally located to serve Sydney. We prefer face-to-face meetings, as it is more personable. If you are not able to travel to our Parramatta offices, we offer home visits, or can come to you in hospital, nursing home or other facilities if needed with our mobile wills service.

For those who prefer, we also offer online meetings.

Locations we service include:
Parramatta and Surrounds
The Hills District
Western Sydney
Country NSW
We also offer international Wills and Estate solutions for those who have matters that reach beyond Australian shores.

Wills and Estate FAQs

What Is the Cost of Making a Will With a Lawyer in Australia?

The price for making a will depends on your personal circumstances, and is most significantly affected by the complexity, or lack of, required by your legal document(s). 

This can include the extent of your assets, the number of beneficiaries, and whether there are any supplemental elements — such as testamentary trusts and power of attorney.

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge per Hour for Making a Will?

At Falzon Legal, we don’t charge by the hour — instead, we allocate time for any meetings. This means you’re not time-pressured, permitting you to feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable when arranging post-life matters.

Where Can I Find Wills and Estate Lawyers Near Me?

If you’re searching for solicitors for wills near me — we’re right here in Parramatta!

We happily travel within a one-hour driving distance to meet you at your home, office, or current place of residence — whether a hospital or aged care home with our mobile wills service.

Alternatively, you can come to our offices — or we can chat online if you prefer.

What Are Joint Executors of a Will?

In some cases, more than one person is appointed by the deceased to carry out their wishes as outlined in the Last Will and Testament. Two or more executors are called joint, or co-executors.

Often, this occurs where the person(s) making the Will has mature children — considering it the fairest solution to all parties. However, it can also result in familial conflict and heartache. Falzon Legal will happily advise on this matter.

What Does Executing a Will Mean?

An individual’s will names a specific person, or persons, to follow their wishes in the event of their passing — known as the executor.

They’re responsible for satisfying any existing debts, collating the assets, and allocating the cash, investments, property and valuables as stated in the will. That is, executing the will.

What Are the Executor of Will Responsibilities?

The duties of a will executor vary, depending on the deceased’s circumstances and wishes stated in their Last Will and Testament. However, generally, they include:

  • Notifying statutory bodies and organisations of the death
  • Organising the funeral
  • Locating the will
  • Collating the assets
  • Applying for probate
  • Addressing existing debts
  • Distributing cash and assets

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