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Our Commitment to our Clients

Falzon Legal is a small firm that provides a personalized service to our clients. We are good at what we do and believe it shows in the results we have achieved.

We communicate in plain English with the aim of making our advice clear and understandable.

Our costs are kept to a minimum with our modern and efficient use of technology.

Paul Falzon explains the firm’s logo – Why the Maltese Cross?

My grandfather was born in Valetta, Malta in the 1920’s and with him came his strong work ethic which was imparted in his son (my father), Paul Patrick Falzon, who was born in Sydney in the 1950’s, was a solicitor for Legal Aid NSW and subsequently became a Magistrate. He is now a consultant solicitor with Falzon Legal.

Selecting the Maltese Cross as my firms logo was, to me, a wonderful way of remembering the migration story of my grandfather (and so many like him); a sheet metal worker who came to Australia looking for new opportunities not only for himself but for his family.

The logo therefore helps us remember my grandfathers’ legacy – his work ethic, his tenacity to get a job done, his honesty and integrity, the Maltese heritage and great faith. We felt it was representative of what Falzon Legal believes its values to be.

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