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Your Wishes, Your Way

Dealing with legal matters can be complicated, time-consuming, and emotionally charged — especially in the areas of Wills and Estate Planning and Family Law. At Falzon Legal, our compassionate and professional team brings unwavering understanding, peace of mind, and specialist knowledge — easing your burden in the legal process.

Paul Falzon.

Paul Falzon — Building Falzon Legal Upon a Foundation of Compassion

Paul Falzon founded Falzon Legal with an ambitious vision — to combine his law expertise with his inexhaustible passion for supporting his clients and their families.

Since his admission to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2003, Paul’s relentless determination strips away traditionally detached and clinical legal attitudes — replacing them with a personal, warm, and understanding approach.

With experience in wills and estate planning and power of attorney through to divorce and commercial conveyancing — his compassionate ethos brings a welcome human element to legal matters.

Spending a significant amount of his time working and volunteering for community and not-for-profit organisations — he understands first-hand that legal advice alone is generally insufficient to deal with people’s real-life challenges.

Paul Falzon.

So uniquely, he assists, reassures, and supports his clients through often emotionally demanding and stressful circumstances, issues, and litigation.

As he often remarks — “People love to talk, but they may not be heard.”

It’s this insight that’s the foundation of Falzon Legal — listening to the exact wishes, concerns, worries, and desires of our clients. Then, ensuring these requests and needs are faithfully reflected in our legal services and backed by additional support where needed.

How Can We Help?

Reassuringly Local, Global Outreach

Our legal services aren’t just confined to the states and territories of Australia.

Today, the world is a surprisingly small place — advances in digital technology and affordable and readily available air travel have made our planet almost a global village. Furthermore, Australia’s richly multicultural population inevitably means many people have strong connections to their international heritage.

As a result, it’s not unusual for individuals to pass on — leaving assets, property, and legal interests overseas.

Addressing transnational legacies can be challenging — change of title, statutory declarations, and local inheritance and capital gains taxation may differ significantly from here in Australia.

At Falzon Legal — we take this in our stride.

Our international outreach allows us to confidently and expertly assist in overseas legalities — having successfully managed will and inheritance matters in both Asia and Europe.

And this capacity for pan-continent assistance was, perhaps, inevitable …

Maltese Heritage

In the 1920s, Paul Falzon’s grandfather — a Maltese national born in Valletta — emigrated to Australia. Not only did he bring his suitcases and personal effects, but also his indefatigable work ethic and a commitment to providing for, and improving the lives of his young family.

This is why the Maltese Cross is Falzon Legal’s proud logo — not just indicating we specialise in Maltese and overseas estate planning, but more importantly, reflecting our core values of hard work, honesty, and dedication to family epitomised by Paul’s grandfather.

Falzon Legal — A Different Approach to Law

Of all the numerous areas of law, those relating to family and inheritance are the most idiosyncratic.

On the one hand, you have the cold, stark, reality of cash and asset distribution and/or legacy — on the other, the tough, emotional, and often upsetting aspects of death, divorce, or custody.

At Falzon Legal, every day, we strive to resolve these two conflicting facets.

Ever diligent and unrelentingly professional, we work with you to achieve the outcome you desire in a timely manner. However, supporting this professional attention to detail is our unceasing and reassuring focus on understanding and compassion.

We Meet with You Face to Face

Wherever possible, we prefer face-to-face communication — but, have the facility to meet you online if more convenient or comfortable.

Located in Parramatta and Sydney CBD, you’re always welcome to visit our offices, or we will unhesitatingly attend your home within an hour’s drive — wherever you feel the most reassured and relaxed. Equally, if you require a hospital, aged care facility, or hospice visit — this will happily be arranged with our mobile legal services.

And, when we meet, we talk — on your terms.

We know some people want to get straight down to legal practicalities — others prefer a little — or sometimes a lot — of gentle, quiet conversation or contemplation before addressing personal, delicate, or poignant issues.

We are there for you.

At Falzon Legal, we allocate time for our meetings — we don’t charge by the hour. This enables our communication to flow freely and naturally, without the pressure or the fear of an expensive bill. Not just creating a more calm and undemanding atmosphere, but also allowing your wishes, thoughts, and concerns to be accurately, clearly, and honestly expressed.

You tell us what you need — we will help you.

Whatever your religious or spiritual convictions — or indeed lack of — it’s our belief that God brings us our clients for a reason. Through our legal work, we can bring a welcome shaft of light into the darkest of circumstances. It’s not unusual for our face-to-face consultations to lead naturally to prayer ministry — delivering comfort, hope, and guidance.

Meet Paul Falzon

Paul Falzon


As well as being an experienced legal practitioner, Paul is interested in genealogy and people’s stories. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and really listens to their stories to craft their legacies. Paul is a gifted communicator and enjoys assisting older generations and making them feel valued and heard. In addition to his legal work, he is part of The Sydney Alliance, where he is able to give back to the community. Paul also supports the Royal Flying Doctors, Canteen, and Aid to the Church In Need.

Our Core Values


We respect and encourage personal history and achievements in our work and life.


We believe in continual improvement everyday, with everybody, everywhere.


We encourage holistic thinking and partnering with like-minded professionals.


We believe that with a righteous approach we can entrust the rest to God.