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Despite typically being a haven of warmth, love, and comfort, familial relationships can irrevocably break down or seriously deteriorate — meaning the need for a Family Law solicitor.

At Falzon Legal, we fully grasp the emotional heartache, confusion, anger, and feeling of isolation that these circumstances can cause — to all parties involved. As responsible professionals, we strive — wherever possible and appropriate — to keep matters away from the court process. Saving you additional cost, upset, and animosity.

However, we understand this isn’t always possible.

If familial conflicts, disputes, and disagreements cannot be resolved away from the judiciary system — our highly experienced Family Law lawyers will compassionately and expertly navigate you towards a beneficial legal outcome.

Your Complete Family Law Solicitor Practice

At Falzon Legal, we’re much more than straightforward divorce solicitors.

Familial issues dramatically affect all parties, and no two individuals have identical circumstances, issues, or desired legal determinations. 

We take time to discuss, understand, and counsel your particular situation — always at your pace and on your terms. Then, we will suggest and advise the most suitable legal, formal agreement, or settlement pathways for you to follow.

Separation and Divorce

No two Australian people marry with the intention of eventually splitting up — however, the crude divorce rate* indicates it affects 2.2 partnerships in every 1000. This touches the partnered couple, their children, and close family members.

The divorce process itself is surprisingly straightforward, uncomplicated, and concerningly rapid. However, these aspects hide not only the inevitable heartache, but also the numerous and frequent pitfalls.

At Falzon Legal, we will guide you expertly, diligently, yet comfortingly through the separation system — delivering advice and action on property settlement, financial agreements, and maintenance claims.

*based on June 2021 figures

Consent Orders

If an agreement can be reached between affected parties — without the court having to make a decision on their behalf — they can then apply to the court for a consent order that formalises the arrangement. Filed with the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit, once approved, it becomes legally binding.

The extent of a consent order can be wide and varied, detailing such matters as financial settlements, parenting, property allocation, and spouse maintenance. It’s important to have a specialised family lawyer prepare the document on your behalf — to ensure its smooth legal passage and to sufficiently protect your interests.

The consent order process is generally more agreeable than fighting lengthy and emotionally painful battles in court. Falzon Legal will work diligently with you to ensure a smooth consent process, where acceptable and favourable.

Binding Financial Agreements

Often incorrectly referred to as a prenuptial or prenup, a Binding Financial Agreement safeguards your assets in the event of divorce, separation, or breakdown. However, surprisingly, it can be entered into before, during, or after a relationship — whether that’s marriage or partnership of same or opposite-sex parties.

Entering into such an agreement can be considerably beneficial for you — such as preventing future litigation and saving expensive court costs. However, there are also considerable pitfalls — for example, it’s challenging to cater for future changes of heart or circumstances.

Falzon Legal’s expert solicitors will considerately and gently manoeuvre you through the Binding Financial Agreement process — ensuring that both your interests and emotions are shielded.

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Property Settlements

In Family Law, property settlement refers not only to bricks and mortar, but also to virtually all assets that were owned by both parties during the course of a relationship. This can include stocks and shares, cash, physical goods, superannuations, and business interests.

At the unfortunate dissolution of a marriage or de-facto partnership, these valuable possessions and effects need to be divided. Ideally, this is agreed by congenial biparty consent, or more adversarially, decided by a court order.

Property settlements can be heartrendingly painful. Naturally, you want and deserve your fair share — but dividing shared possessions and the associated feeling of pain and loss can be difficult to reconcile. 

Falzon Legal will, at all times, act in your best interests, while continually offering and providing support and understanding.

Transferring a Property

Switching the ownership of real estate can be agonisingly challenging. Often, it’s one of the most valuable assets a person owns, and typically has significant emotional or nostalgic ties — especially in the case of a family home.

Falzon Legal will expertly and compassionately guide you through the conveyancing system when transferring property — whether the ownership involves a family member or current or estranged spouse. We can act on the behalf of both the transferee and transferor.

This area of law can be convoluted, interrelated to other agreements or court orders, and involve necessary statutory requirements and exemptions — such as Stamp Duty and Certificate of Title. At all times, we will ensure the pinnacle of diligence and integrity, while delivering continual support, patience, and thoughtfulness.

International Property Settlements

As a stipulation of your Property Settlement, you will be required to submit an exhaustive attestation of your financial matters. This includes all bricks and mortar, investments, and physical goods — including international real estate.

In most circumstances, the court considers foreign property as a considerable asset during the settlement process — even if you feel that your separated partner or spouse has little or no claim or entitlement.

This can be heart-wrenching, as the real estate may have emotional ties to your family, homeland, or heritage. Having extensive experience in dealing with global property in Asia, Europe, and the UK — Falzon Legal will strive relentlessly to achieve the best outcome for you, while continually exuding compassion and understanding.

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General Advice on Family Law

Your circumstances are specific, nuanced, and individual.

Family Law issues need addressing holistically — not just to safeguard your legal interests, but also to ensure your emotional well-being, comfort, and mental health.

That’s why we advise in all circumstances, you consult with us directly at Falzon Legal — at our office, your home, or online — to ensure the most accurate and understanding advice.

Online resources can be misunderstood, misconstrued, or blatantly inaccurate — hence, why we stress one-to-one consultations. However, we believe there are three unarguable tenets of Family Law — unchanging and authentic:

    1. Not all issues need the involvement of the courts. Reaching compromise and agreement away from the legal arena can save you money, time, and heartache.

    2. Financial agreements, settlements, and orders can be made after, during, or before you divorce, split, or separate.

    3. If you’re experiencing domestic or family violence, or emotional or sexual abuse, there are special provisions to help, comfort, and assist vulnerable persons, dependents, and family members. Contact us immediately for confidential and non-judgemental assistance.

      Falzon Legal — The Family Lawyers With a Difference

      Family Legal matters can be emotionally challenging, confusing, and upsetting — Falzon Legal provides the ultimate in professional advice combined with compassion, understanding, and support.

      Located conveniently within Parramatta — you can visit our offices, or we can come to your home or workplace — wherever is most convenient. Alternatively, if you prefer or are more comfortable, we can meet and chat online. Our guarantees to you:

      ✔ Unsurpassed, attentive customer service.

      ✔ Fixed fees for the most common Family Law issues.

      ✔ Timely and responsive communication.

      ✔ All advice is fully documented in writing.

      ✔ Listening attentively.

      ✔ Offering realistic advice and expectations.

      ✔ Delivering a holistic approach.

      ✔ Providing comfort, understanding, and support.

      ✔ Caring about your emotional and mental well-being.

      ✔ Assisting with specialist community services — particularly in violent or abuse matters.

      If you need any assistance, contact one of our lawyers on 02 9502 2922 for a no-obligation discussion and expert legal advice.

      Family Legal Matters Parramatta — The Areas We Service

      As specialist Family Law solicitors in Parramatta, we’re perfectly situated to serve Sydney. Undoubtedly, we prefer to meet face-to-face — as it’s more personal and amiable. But, if you’re unable to attend our offices, we can visit you in your home, workplace, or at hospital or a shelter if needed. 

      Alternatively, if you find online consultations more convenient or desirable, we offer that too.

      Although not exhaustive, our most commonly covered areas include:
      Parramatta and its surrounds
      Western Sydney
      Country NSW
      The Hills District
      We also provide International Estate Planning services for those with property and interests overseas.

      Family Law Matters FAQs

      What Are Your Options When Separation Occurs?

      Separating from a partner or spouse places you in an often upsetting and unfamiliar position. Questions may be raised in your mind regarding where you will live, what happens to your possessions, and what happens to your children.

      At Falzon Legal, we will guide you patiently, compassionately, and expertly through your options.

      In Divorce, Who Gets the Children and Where Do They Live?

      There is no standard answer to this question. The matter is decided by courts looking at the child’s best interests — not those of the parents or guardians. Factors they may look at include:

      • To date, who has been most responsible for the child.
      • Which parent is able to offer the most time and care for the child.
      • Which parent will ensure the child’s well-being the most.
      • The capability of the parent to look after a child alone. 

      Falzon Legal will navigate you through this highly emotive and often upsetting process.

      When Divorcing, Is My Inheritance Included – Will My Spouse Get Some of It?

      This is a nuanced and complicated area — that depends on who, how, and when the inheritance was received.

      As both Family and Will and Estate Lawyers, Falzon Legal will guide you through the system to ensure the most positive outcome.

      Am I Entitled To Spousal Maintenance or Child Support?

      Spousal maintenance is a payment made by one partner — or indeed former partner — to another — if the receiving party is unable to support themselves financially alone. Child support is similar, but the funds are intended for use for the upbringing of children.

      This can be agreed out of court, or determined by the legal process. Speak to Falzon Legal and allow us to explain your best course of action.

      How Can I Find the Best Family Lawyer Near Me?

      There’s no need to do a search for family solicitors near me — you’ve found us! Located in Parramatta, we can visit you in your home or workplace, or you can visit our offices. And, if you find online meetings or chats more preferable, we can talk online!

      Do You Have To Pay for a Divorce In Australia?

      There is a set fee for an Application for Divorce, which is paid to the court. Then, dependent upon your personal circumstances and requirements, there may be additional legal fees, personal expenses, or mediation payments.

      At Falzon Legal, we strive — wherever possible — to find solutions outside of the court process. Saving you time, money, and emotional pain.

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