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Family Law Parramatta

We offer practical and cost-effective solutions in Family Law matters. Court proceedings can prove to be an emotional and expensive avenue for clients. Where appropriate we strive to settle matters out of court in order to improve the emotional and financial well-being of our clients. However, if matters cannot be settled out of court, we are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the court process.

We can assist with your family law matter and can assist with the most common scenarios:

1. What are your options when separation occurs?
2. Who gets the children and where do they live?
3. Is my inheritance included – will my spouse get some of it?
4. Am I entitled to spousal maintenance or child support?

General Advice

We advise clients that:

1. Not all matters need to go to court – if you can reach an agreement it can save you time and money.
2. You can make a financial agreement or seek orders by consent before, during or after you separate.
3. If you are experiencing domestic violence or family violence there are special provisions to assist vulnerable family members and dependents.

Why Are We Different?

We provide excellent customer service.

We offer fixed fees for common family law matters.

We communicate with clients in a timely manner, return phone calls and document our advice in writing.

We listen to our clients and take their instructions seriously providing realistic advice as to their chances of success.

We are experienced solicitors and use a holistic approach to our clients’ well-being and providing clients with access to specialist community services such as domestic violence case workers and social workers.

If you need any assistance contact one of our lawyers at [email protected] or call 02 9502 2922 for a no-obligation discussion and for expert legal advice.