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What are my legal rights? Most people do not know!

This might seem a basic question but so many people simply do not know what their legal rights are. If you have teenage or adult children it is prudent to check their understanding. For some in the community, particularly if they are young or unworldly this can unexpectedly land them in trouble with the law…. Read More

Top 6 Power of Attorney Questions

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives a trusted person, the legal authority to act for you, and to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. If you do not have a power of attorney then you should contact us and find out more. Below are 6 top questions dealing with Powers… Read More

ALF the Bus Driver Gets his License Back

Traffic lights are a part of daily life, inattention can cause loss of licence! |supplied by Fin Fahey In a case that we did this week we had a driver whom had lost his licence and had almost no chance of getting his licence back. We will refer to his as ‘Alf’, however that is… Read More