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How to deal with an unfair Will

In this article we talk about dealing with an unfair Will. We are not considering the validity of a Will or being left out of a Will entirely – rather that the proposed distributions to one or more beneficiaries might be considered to be unreasonable in the circumstances. There are many reasons why a Will… Read More

Common misconceptions about estate planning

An estate plan involves more than signing a Will and leaving it in a safe place. An effective estate plan requires consideration of several matters and ongoing review to ensure it reflects your testamentary wishes and covers unexpected events. In this article we look at some misconceptions about Wills and estate planning and dispel some… Read More

Avoid nasty taxation surprises in family law settlements

There are significant differences in the tax consequences of certain family law related actions particularly when negotiating property settlement outcomes – the cutting of the cake! Unique opportunities in the family law environment can enable a couple to lawfully restructure wealth while avoiding, or minimising, the hefty tax and revenue consequences. Conversely, concluding a family… Read More

We’re still friends, why do we need a ‘legal’ property settlement?

Many couples separate on good terms, which is great. The breakdown of a relationship can be difficult, however putting differences aside to move forward can be beneficial, particularly where children are concerned. Ex-partners who remain on good terms may choose to make informal arrangements regarding the division of their property. However, the failure to legally… Read More

Preparing for your purchase – steps to get market ready

Ready to start looking for that dream home or perfect investment? Many of our clients, particularly first-time home buyers, come to us in the early stages of their purchase bewildered with the long string of sales negotiations and the conveyancing process in general. Understandably, they do not know at which stage of the process the… Read More

Independent Children’s Lawyers in Family Law Proceedings

When partners separate, the future care of, and responsibility for their children is a major consideration. Parties to parenting proceedings must make reasonable attempts to resolve disputes about children and, unless extenuating circumstances apply, are required to attend dispute resolution. This involves meeting with a family practitioner who should assist the parents to negotiate workable… Read More

Important considerations when planning a Granny Flat

A granny flat is a secondary self-contained dwelling established on the same parcel of residential land as a principal dwelling. The granny flat may be a conversion forming part of the main residence, an extension of the existing dwelling or be free standing. Granny flats range in size, features and amenities. With an aging population… Read More