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CECAL Seniors – one of which proposed to me during the presentation!

Paul Falzon, Director of Falzon Legal spoke at this month at the Canterbury Earlwood Caring Association on the topic of preventing elder abuse.

The group provides community based programs and activities for the local community.

One senior shared his story:

“I loved my son and I have a few some children. However, one son asked me to visit the solicitor with him and I signed a document, and then my son kicked me out of my house. I didn’t know he would do that or the power of that document”.

In the interactive presentation, we asked seniors about types of elder abuse that they were aware of and how to identify the ‘alarm bell’ moments. These included: unexplained change of behaviour,

These included:

  1. Unexplained change of behaviour,
  2. Long lost relatives or friends coming to stay;
  3. sudden pressure to sign documents,
  4. Threats such as withholding the grandkids.

We also shared strategies of how seniors can respond to elder abuse.

In our seminar we provided information to 25 seniors on:

  1. How to engage a solicitor
  2. What to do if there are questions regarding health and capacity,
  3. Why they should make a valid will,
  4. The differences between power of attorneys and enduring guardianships,
  5. How to avoid common traps and misconceptions of estate planning, such as jointly held property and superannuation which is outside the Will.

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