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Advance Care Plans

What is an Advanced Care Plan?

Some of us due to a medical condition that renders our lives futile would not not wish to be revived from that state and would prefer to die a natural death.

Seeing a loved one unconscious in a hospital bed with the doctors assuring that the person will not have any quality of life should they regain consciousness would be very upsetting.

Two questions that friends and family of loved ones ask:

1. What would the patient want?

2. What would you want?

An advanced medical directive gives you the chance to express your wish to those that are responsible for your care.

For example a common scenario is assuming that whilst the person was unconscious (not able to communicate their wishes), that the same person suffers a seizure or heart attack, would they want the doctors to interfere and attempt resuscitation? Or would they just want to be let go?

There is a presumption of capacity, whereby an adult “is presumed to have the capacity to consent to or to refuse medical treatment unless and until that presumption is rebutted”.

In the event that circumstances occur whereby you became unconscious and offered treatment which merely preserved  your permanent unconsciousness or could not end total dependence on intensive medical care,  would you want that  treatment if is was regarded as non-beneficial and considered futile?

If the answer is “No” then you should think about making an advance medical directive as a means of expressing your wishes.

Prepare an Advanced Care Plan

It is best to seek legal advice when organising your legal affairs, as you may also require an enduring guardianship or enduring power of attorney.

We can assist draft a Advanced Medical Directive which is compliant with the law. We also offer home visits if you are unable to attend our office.